How to support refugees 


Donate clothes / food  


Host a refugee at home  

Refugees At Home: 
Room For Refugees: 

Community sponsorship

Reset UK: 
Sponsor Refugees: 

Become part of  a campaign

Refugee Action: 

Show solidarity on social media 

Together With Refugees:   

Wear your support for refugees

Choose Love: 

Find out more about the journeys people take to seek safety 

Human Journeys: 

Donate a bicycle to a refugees

The Bike Project: 

Get all the information you need around Asylum, Migration and Refugees

Refugee Council: 
The British Red Cross: 


Give valuable time to causes, support migrants in you local area and develop your own personal skills, while also ensuring good community integration.

Teach English with Action Foundation:   

Help develop a refugees employment skills with Breaking Barriers: