Our charity policy

IMIX is mission driven and continually checks whether the services and approach meets the needs of the refugee and migration sector through surveys and one-to-one conversations.

IMIX is open and transparent: we share our learnings, successes and failures. Our training materials are free for anyone to use and we happily share any intelligence we have with others.

We are guided by our values and behaviours:

We are welcoming – we believe that every person who makes Britain their home has the capacity to make the country a better place. We also know that nobody who decides to seek a new life, does so lightly. We embrace migration, and welcome each and every person.

We are honest – we tell the truth about migration, elevating the conversation. Where others see barriers, we look for opportunity. Where opinions are divided, we are honest brokers.

We are actively wise – we know that our experience is worth nothing if it is not shared. We are proactive, not reactive: we lead the story and build capacity in the sector. We have the courage of our convictions: we are brave.

We treat everyone with respect – particularly the organisations and individuals we support. We are particularly aware of our responsibilities to the organisations we work with. We do not share their details with others without express permission. We are committed to safeguarding and only share stories when we have informed consent.

We value the support given to us by funders and are clear on the need to make sure our money is effectively spent. We have a funding committee which closely monitors how our grants are spent.

We act in accordance with, the Charities Commission, Companies House and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) guidelines.

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