Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

The Good Neighbours Project is spearheaded by a group of charities who are committed to sharing good news stories of grassroots organising, where communities come together to support one another and lift each other up. These Include IMIX, City of Sanctuary and Reset UK. Through the support of local communities and national organisations, families who've fled danger in their home countries have been welcomed by kind neighbours across the country as they navigate their new homes in challenging times. The Good Neighbours Project continues that spirit.


Da’aro Youth Project

Da’aro Youth Project is a community-led organisation supporting young refugees from the Horn of Africa. It was established in 2018 by members of the Eritrean community in London in response to the deaths of a number of teenage Eritreans by suicide. We work to support young people arriving in the UK alone from the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia).

Pickwell Foundation

The Pickwell Foundation supports local groups with their efforts to resettle a family, who have often had to flee their home country at short notice, to settle into life in a new country. The Pickwell Foundation has supported local groups to sponsor seven families in the North Devon area and will be welcoming one more family next yearRamez and Tmarah in North Devon have been in the UK since December and have been settling into life in the village of Barnstaple with support from their Community Sponsorship group. 

Interested in Community Sponsorship? Learn more about The Pickwell Foundation.

Stories from the Blog

Become a Good Neighbour and start supporting  refugees and sanctuary seekers today

There are many ways you could get involved in supporting refugees and sanctuary seekers. From volunteering and donating to campaigning and showing solidarity online. Below are some useful links and organisation that will help you get started. 

Finally… Volunteer

Give valuable time to causes, support migrants in you local area and develop your own personal skills, while also ensuring good community integration.

Teach English with Action Foundation: https://actionfoundation.org.uk/get-involved/volunteer/#action-language

Help develop a refugees employment skills with Breaking Barriers: https://breaking-barriers.co.uk/volunteer-with-refugees/

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