Who we are

IMIX is a team of professional communication experts who want to change the conversation about migration and refugees to create a more welcoming society.

IMIX believes that every person who makes Britain their home has the capacity to make the country a better place. We also know that nobody who decides to seek a new life, does so lightly. We embrace migration, and welcome each and every person. We uphold and strengthen Britain’s great tradition of offering sanctuary to people who seek protection.

We believe that Britain can be an inclusive country which treats all people with respect and dignity. The consequence of this is an immigration system which is effective, humane and fair.

Our vision is a society which embraces and celebrates people who move to the UK, one where we can all live well together.

Our mission is to change the conversation about migration and refugees, challenging an often-hostile media agenda and altering public perception.

Our current strategy can be found here: IMIX Strategy 2021-2024

IMIX shared invaluable knowledge and expertise on how to engage with the media and how best to communicate effectively with audiences.

Sian Summers – City of Sanctuary

Our mission

IMIX is changing the conversation about migration and refugees, challenging an often hostile media agenda and altering public perception. Crucially, we move the argument on, seeing all sides and creating dialogue and consensus. We are proactive, not reactive, we lead the story and build capacity in the sector.

At every stage we tell the truth about migration, first and foremost through the power of people’s individual stories, elevating the debate.

We work with partners across the refugee and migration sector to put the case for an open and welcoming Britain in a way that has greater impact.

How we work

IMIX facilitates and coordinates communication on migrant, refugee and integration issues. We work to ensure that the positive arguments for migration achieve more cut-through and impact in the public debate.

We work closely with partner organisations to support them to achieve their aims by offering mentoring, training and consultancy to meet their specific needs – and to help them reach as wide an audience as possible. Our communications expertise is offered free to organisations of all sizes working on migration, refugee protection and integration in the UK.

Who we work with

IMIX believes that every organisation working on migration or refugee issues has a powerful story to share and that by telling these stories we can contribute to a more positive debate on migration in this country.

We work with organisations of all sizes from volunteer-led local support groups to large NGOs. We cover the whole spectrum of the migration debate from EU citizens, to migrant’s rights to refugee protection and social cohesion.

Whether working on a national campaign, pitching features to major news outlets or raising the profile of a small charity, we always seek to place individual stories front and centre. By drawing audiences into the human face behind complex and challenging issues, we aim to change the conversation and ultimately create a more welcoming society.

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