Our free masterclasses are designed to improve the way you communicate about people who migrate and the issues they face — and they can help you to feel confident when doing so.

Maybe your phone can ring non-stop with requests from journalists. Perhaps you’re not sure how to respond to difficult questions, or a crisis situation. Or you just want to improve the way you reach people through social media and with your website. It might be that you feel ready to share your own story with the media but don’t know where to start. Our training courses cover all these topic areas and more. 


Introduction to working with the media

An introduction to working with the media designed for those with little or no experience. We will cover the principles of storytelling, how the media works, getting your message across, safeguarding and interview tips.

Introducing to social media

An introduction to using social media strategically including audiences and different platforms, digital storytelling, photography and video techniques and online safeguarding.

Introduction to the media for those with lived experience

An introduction to working with the media with those who have experience of being a refugee or migrant. We will cover safeguarding, the experience of doing an interview, getting your message across and other tips.
“I would recommend IMIX training to others, especially if they’re planning to join any campaign or they’re going to share the story with public media, radio, television (or) podcasts. For me, it was an eye-opener.”

Bespoke Training

We also design and host bespoke media training for larger groups and organisations which can be delivered online or in-person. There is a sliding fee scale for these sessions based on the turnover of your organisation and we are open to discussing costs in detail for bespoke sessions. We are committed to working with you to ensure that we deliver the training your organisation needs. With a wealth of experience and expertise within our team, we can typically address most communication or media training requirements. Additionally, we collaborate with a network of consultants whom we can involve as necessary. 

Subjects we can cover 

  • Storytelling   
  • Working with the media (including pitching)   
  • Media interviews   
  • Social media   
  • Filmmaking for social media   
  • Train the trainer 
  • Public speaking 
  • Messaging  
  • Crisis communications 

To find out how we could support you, please get in touch.

Case Study – Doctors of the world training

Back in July 2023, Doctors of the World approached IMIX to lend a hand in boosting their National Health Advisors’ (NHAs) communication skills. These experts-by-experience were responsible for training migrant groups on healthcare and conducting Safe Surgery sessions in GP practices. However, they needed more confidence in public speaking, whether in-person or online. 

IMIX organised a three-day training program tailored to the NHAs’ needs. The program covered public speaking, media engagement, filmmaking for social media, and train-the-trainer techniques.

Thanks to the training program, NHAs are now equipped with newfound communication skills. They’ve gained confidence in delivering training sessions with impact, engaging with diverse audiences, and spearheading advocacy efforts through various media channels. They’ve even learned to create video content using the power of storytelling through visual mediums.

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