6 Christmas fundraisers you can support to help refugees

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Christmas-time can be a lonely time for many people seeking sanctuary in the UK. What better way to get into the generosity of the Christmas spirit than by supporting many of the refugee organisations that continue to provide key services to refugees and asylum seekers around the UK.

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1. Action Foundation’s Gift of Words Campaign 

When you’re in a new country, the ability to communicate confidently in local languages is invaluable. Newcastle-based Action Foundation gives refugees and asylum seekers ‘the gift of words’ in their campaign to raise funds for language learning programmes.

2. City of Sanctuary’s ‘Gift of Welcome’ Winter Appeal

Support City of Sanctuary’s Winter Appeal and give the ‘Gift of Welcome’ to help them continue to build a movement across the country that creates a more positive and supporting environment for people seeking sanctuary.

3. Scottish Refugee Council’s Winter Appeal

Ensure Scottish Refugee Council can continue to provide essential services for people seeking sanctuary in Scotland. Their funds go to key services such as providing warm meals, supporting newly arrived families and ensuring that people are not left in the cold in winter.


4. Govan Community Project Christmas Appeal 

The Govan Community’s Christmas Appeal supports the diverse local community of Govan, and refugees and asylum seekers throughout Glasgow. They host English classes, social groups,  homework clubs,  spaces for other local groups, and many other valuable community services.


5.PSYCHEdelight/Borderline’s’s fundraiser for Calais

Borderline is a theatre ensemble made up of people seeking sanctuary who tell their stories. They’re raising funds to support people in the harsh winters in Calais.


6.Donate to Kent Refugee Action Service

You can donate to KRAN’s year-round fundraiser that supports newly arrived young people in Kent with their language skills, and helps them transition into adult life in the UK.

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