6 ways to shop to support refugees this Christmas

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During this year’s unusual festive season, most of us will be doing our Christmas shopping online. To find ethical, handmade, creative gifts from businesses run by or supporting refugees, check out our alternative shopping guide!


Anqa Collective

An online marketplace developed by TERN, one of our wonderful partner charities that supports refugee entrepreneurs to set up their own independent businesses. Anqa features products like handmade lingerie, beauty treatments, coffee, homemade baklava, meditation courses and more. Their festive shop range includes themed boxes like ‘The Lockdown Box’ full of luxurious treats to spoil your loved ones.


London-based charity, Breadwinners, helps asylum seekers and refugees into employment, providing work experience and training on their market stalls and online bread delivery. Order a box of delicious artisan treats, a sourdough bread subscription, or a gift voucher via their online shop

Love Welcomes

Beautiful rugs, cushions and other homeware goods are handwoven by refugee women, from reclaimed life jackets and blankets that wash up on European shores. Love Welcomes have partnered with the infamous Banksy to design an iconic welcome mat made from life-vests. The mat is so popular it has its own waiting list! 


Social Enterprise, Migrateful, offers incredible cooking classes run by their resident refugee chefs. They are offering virtual festive cooking classes, complete with a box of ingredients (and optional wine and an apron) that is delivered beforehand. A perfect alternative to the office Christmas party, or a lovely way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends from a distance. 

Proof Bakery

Coventry-based bakery, Proof, trains and employs refugee women and sell delicious bread, baklava, and other baked goods. They also donate thousands of loaves to their local food bank. If you are a Coventry local, order one of their boxes, or learn to bake your own sourdough with their DIY kit. Wherever you are you can join in their online Syrian Biscuit Making classes and learn to bake traditional Syrian ma’amoul. 

Hope Projects

Residents of Hope Projects, a charity that supports destitute asylum seekers, have designed beautiful t-shirts, tote bags and prints. Ethically made using organic materials and renewable electricity, the designs make excellent gifts that directly support homeless asylum seekers.

Mosaik Education:

Mosaik Education are collaborating with 17 small businesses to launch the Mosaik Christmas Shop, raising money to supports refugees accessing university. Each small business owner has chosen an item from their collection which will be featured in the shop, ranging from handmade jewellery to candles and crockery. With each item sold, the small business makes a donation to Mosaik, taking a refugee student closer to their dreams.

Happy shopping everyone! Don’t forget to pass on any brilliant shopping tips you have to support refugees @IMIX_UK.

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