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Love in Limbo: a financial requirement for falling in love

On December 4th, 2023, the Home Secretary announced new immigration rules, including an unexpected increase in the…

Insights from IMIX’s Lived Experience Network

At Imix, we recently brought together a diverse group of individuals, including refugees and asylum seekers, from our lived experience network to discuss our past work, brainstorm ideas for improving our support systems, and plan for the future.  

‘A big motivating factor is my parents’ stories and background; if it had not been for the kindness of strangers I would not be here.’

Helen Singer reflects on how her parents journeys as refugees from Nazi Germany influenced her work supporting refugees in Hertfordshire.

The best gift I ever received is love in the form of two necklaces…’: A Tale of Triumph Amidst Immigration’s Odyssey

Youssef shares how two necklaces he was gifted symbolise love and its ability to inspire and uplift for our #TheBestGiftIEverReceived project.

The best Christmas gift I ever received is the publication of my memoir.’

For IMIX's #TheBestGiftIEverReceived project, Michael Butscher shares why this Christmas is extra special, thanks to the publication of his memoir.

How you can get involved for International Migrants Day 2023 on social media

How you can celebrate your migrant heritage and/or those of the people around you on social media for International Migrants Day!

How telling my story changed my life: Latest Un/Documented podcast episode from IMIX

In IMIX podcast Un/Documented Episode 4: How telling my story changed my life, we dig deeper into the power of storytelling and how taking control of your own narrative can bring confidence and purpose.

Hear Our Stories: An exploration of Migration, Identity and Hope

We review 'Hear Our Stories,' an anthology of writings on migration by TogetherintheUK and Victorina Press with 38 migrant and refugee authors.

‘You have to start your life from scratch.’: Life in the UK two years after the fall of Kabul

Saghar Khalid's dream of becoming a TV producer shattered when the Taliban regained power in Kabul. Now, having found refuge in the UK for the past two years, she reflects on her new life in the UK.

9 Must-Read Books on Refugee and Migrant Stories

Here are 9 book recommendations from the IMIX team, all offering a glimpse into the lives of people who are compelled to leave their homes in search of safety, opportunity or a brighter future.

IMIX launches Un/Documented: A new podcast empowering hidden voices  

Un/Documented is a new podcast from IMIX which tells the stories behind the headlines.