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The latest episode of Un/Documented, a podcast from IMIX is available to listen to now!

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In this episode we dig deeper into the power of storytelling and how taking control of your own narrative can bring confidence and purpose. We speak to the inspirational Amir Hussain Ibrahimi originally from Afghanistan about his initial resistance to speaking out. However with the right support, he was able to share the story about his sudden departure from his homeland and his experience of building a new community in the UK. It is now something which brings him pride and hope for the future.

‘I was so scared and I was nervous because it was the first experience in a new country and I wasn’t familiar with the rules… But I was looking for a place to find and to learn and to share my story. When I shared it the first time, I was nervous. But now I’m not. I have enough confidence to share it, talk about it, because this is the story of thousands and thousands of people.’

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Anne Duncan is a podcaster, storyteller and host of her own radio show who has had a passion for the media since childhood. She came to the UK from Kenya six years ago to seek asylum and since then has built platforms for others to share their stories in a safe and open environment. Anne shares her own powerful story for the first time on Un/Documented.

You can listen to Episode 4: How telling my story changed my life on Spotify, Amazon and Apple Podcasts.

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