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Insights from IMIX’s Lived Experience Network

At Imix, we recently brought together a diverse group of individuals, including refugees and asylum seekers, from our lived experience network to discuss our past work, brainstorm ideas for improving our support systems, and plan for the future.  

Key campaigns of the asylum, refugee and migration sector

This resource maps out the key campaigns and policy areas of the…

How to talk about destitution, homelessness and visa charges clearly and effectively

Credit: Matt Brown via Creative Commons From asylum seekers who are unable to work,…

Seven Day Evictions: Getting the word out

A guide to raising awareness of the devastating impact of seven-day-evictions on refugees who have just received their status in the UK.

9 Must-Read Books on Refugee and Migrant Stories

Here are 9 book recommendations from the IMIX team, all offering a glimpse into the lives of people who are compelled to leave their homes in search of safety, opportunity or a brighter future.

An alternative is possible: Getting MPs onside against the Refugee Ban Bill

As the Refugee Ban Bill heads back to the Commons, IMIX Policy Communications Coordinator, Esther Raffell highlights the best way to petition MPs to vote against this harmful legislation.

Unlocking potential: The Destitution Narrative Project

Katie Bryson unpacks our latest messaging report and resources on the destitution narrative. Put 500g of…

Creating strong news stories

Imagine that your organisation received a tip-off that a bill to grant asylum seekers the right to work will be read in Parliament for the first time and your organisation wants to be the first to make it public. The first two paragraphs of your press release must have that bang to move any news editor into action and give it the prominence you anticipate.

What can we learn from the campaign against offshoring in Israel?

hat can we learn from the campaign against offshoring in Israel that can be used in our movement against the UK-Rwanda deal?

What the data actually tells us about people seeking asylum

In recent weeks, several tabloid columnists have complained about “illegals” who they claim are jumping the queue ahead of “genuine” refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Tips on how to take anonymous photos

Portrait photographer Nastia Nizalova on how you can take powerful photos that keep the subject anonymous.

When is a hotel not a hotel? How to talk about hotels and the asylum system

How do we create a better narrative about hotels? This is a conversation we’ve had regularly at IMIX. Here’s one suggestion – stop calling them hotels.