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After the recent media spotlight on people making the extremely dangerous journey across the English Channel it can seem as though there’s a lot of information about how to help and which charities do the best work for those seeking safety in the UK. Here are just five organisations which you can donate to, volunteer with or fundraise for.

1. The Joint Council for The Welfare of Immigrants

Writing to your local MP about supporting safer and easier routes for migrants to travel into the UK is extremely important and is two clicks away with a pre-written email by JCWI. All you have to do is enter your postcode to find out the local MP the letter will be sent to.

JCWI focuses on the justice system and passing legislature in parliament. If you’re trained in law you can become a trainee solicitor with them. Besides this you can make a one-off donation or become a member and donate monthly while receiving updates and information on their news and progress.

2. Help Refugees/Choose Love

Help Refugees sends 89 per cent of its donations to frontline organisations and NGOs working with refugees mostly in Northern France, Greece and Serbia. They work to bring much needed goods for people living in vulnerable conditions across European borders.

Their main work goes to helping those who arrive in Greece and Northern France by providing educational, hygienic and housing aid.

They love creative or fun fundraising ideas for raising money within your community and is great way to get a positive message across. Besides this you can become a volunteer in the UK (as well as in Calais, Serbia and Greece), although due to coronavirus much of the volunteering has slowed down over the summer.

You could also choose to donate goods such as tents, sleeping bags, boxer shorts and women’s underwear. A more comprehensive list can be found on the website. Money can also be donated on a one-time basis.

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We asked these volunteers why they’ve stepped up to help – their answers blew us away.⁣ ⁣ Today marks #WorldHumanitarianDay so we want to celebrate the people from all over the world who go above and beyond for their fellow humans – whether they've travelled for hundreds of miles or are helping in the camp in which they live.⁣ ⁣ Time and time again we see that when our governments turn away, it is ordinary people who step up to help. Because we’re all humans.⁣ ⁣ Thank you to these volunteers from our incredible partners providing education, women's support, food, and sanitation: @action_for_education_uk, @bananahousesamos, @glocalroots, @weareonecentersamos, @movementonthegroundofficial, @refugee4refugees, @stillirisengo, and @justactionsamos

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3. Safe Passage

With the head office based in London, Safe Passage works to help children across the European continent to find safety. Almost half of all the child refugees who come to Europe are unaccompanied. Within the UK their work consists of campaigning and casework.

As well as donations and the opportunity to become a fundraiser yourself, you can also become a Friend of Safe Passage. This is where you essentially give a set monthly amount and then get up-to-date reports on progress and situations within the organisation.

4. Refugee Action

Refugee Action helps refugees and migrants who have already arrived in the UK and works with those currently going through the asylum process. They work with integrating new arrivals into their community as well as fighting against hate speech and violence aimed towards migrants and refugees.

Race for Refugees is a fundraising opportunity where you can set a distance goal and work up to running that set goal. This can vary from 5km to 100km and can be a one-off event or a weekly run for donations.

Other campaigns include working to improve the asylum system and setting up and funding English classes for refuges and migrants.

5. Refugee Council

Refugee Council stands to improve the asylum application system and help support refugees and migrants while they wait for official documents to be processed. This process is often slow and documentation to rent and live in accommodation can take weeks.

Refugee Council accept donations and volunteers from across the UK, as well as fundraising and campaigning. Refugee Council also works withs landlords and volunteers across the UK to allow living spaces for refugees to stay until their asylum is guaranteed. You can sign up and see if you’re eligible to host a family or single adults within your home.

Choosing an organisation is important depending on what you would like to see your money go towards. All these organisations are dedicated to helping those people who are arriving in this country, already arrived or are trying to find safety, either within the UK or the EU. Overall if you donate or help in anyway big or small, any of these organisations are a good choice in helping others struggling to find safety.

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