We amplify lived experience voices

IMIX believes that the best people to create narrative change are those who have direct experience of the migration system themselves. We know that stories have the power to speak to people’s hearts leading to policy and cultural change. While politics and the media often cultivate a divisive, toxic rhetoric, we believe by telling the human side of the migration story, we can shift public perception and create much-needed change. 

That’s why we invest heavily in training, mentoring and supporting people to speak to the media so they can share their stories and opinions confidently and safely. Every year we work with an incredible cohort of ambassadors for Refugee Week and International Migrants Day who act as spokespeople for these significant public events. Many of these ambassadors go onto join our wider media volunteer network, regularly speaking to the press about campaigns they are working on and advocating for the refugee and migrant community. 


Through our lived experience training and mentoring programmes spokespeople have increased confidence in sharing their stories, speaking to the media and campaigning. Media, public and political debates are becoming much more informed by people directly affected by the issues, in a way that previously was rarely happening. Stronger connections are being made between the issues and people affected through personal stories speaking powerfully and directly to a wide audience including those in the influential ‘mixed middle’ group. This has the power to increase compassion and empathy with the potential for public opinion and government policy to be influenced.

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