We humanise and influence policy

While IMIX does not design policy ourselves, we do believe that the public and government alike should hear about the human impact of policies. We provide media support for grassroots charities and experts by experience who are calling for policy change, while also working with the sector’s policy teams to communicate legislative change to our network and the public at large.


People’s stories and experiences are presented in a way that can influence policy-makers. The political debate is humanised which creates a better, more nuanced public conversation. IMIX contributes to myth-busting and changing public opinion through creating more balanced and informed insights and narratives. Policies are written with more understanding and insight, public opinion is influenced – and a more welcoming and compassionate society is created.

Case Studies

How IMIX sparked the campaign against seven day evictions

In early September 2023, IMIX’s North East Co-ordinator attended a local meeting where a frontline worker flagged…

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