We respond at critical moments

IMIX’s team is experienced at operating at times of breaking news. We offer crisis communications support to the sector when needed, and create triage systems for small organisations when they are overwhelmed by the media. IMIX regularly helps co-ordinate open letters and other cross-sector initiatives. Being agile and responding quickly to unfolding events has become even more important during a time of increased political and media scrutiny of the immigration system. 


By working with charities when a crisis hits, IMIX is able to prevent the problem from escalating. Quick interventions, timely messaging and informed responses can mean a situation is dealt with before getting much worse. Working in collaboration with other organisations at key media moments helps to secure a more cohesive and powerful message which requires more direct and committed responses from politicians.

Case Studies

How IMIX delivered crisis communications in the aftermath of the Knowsley riots

On 10th February 2023, protesters gathered outside the Suites Hotel in Knowsley, near Liverpool, which was being…

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