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Conversations in the Garden: using positive stories to address serious asylum issues

Beekeeping and allotments: Conversations in the Garden show that positive stories can confront asylum issues in a direct, powerful way.

6 Christmas fundraisers you can support to help refugees

Christmas-time can be a lonely time for many people seeking sanctuary in the UK. What better way…

A messaging guide: how to talk to the media about Afghanistan

With journalists queuing up to ask about Afghan refugees, this is a key opportunity to explain the wider context of the UK asylum system.

‘Even though there wasn’t any more shooting I was lonely for very different reasons.’

The Bosnian War started when Alma Aganovic was only 15 years old. She tells her story of how she was part of a medical evacuation to the UK after her brother was caught in the pathway of a bomb.

Celebrating Friendship for Refugee Week 2021 (Part 2)

Celebrating Friendship is our new series for Refugee Week 2021 showcasing bonds formed across borders, generations and…

5 ways to join the movement after Refugee Week 2021

Refugee Week is over, but the fight continues to create a kinder world for people fleeing for their lives. 

10 unmissable events for Refugee Week 2021

After last year’s first ever virtual Refugee Week, this year the programme is back with an amalgam of real- life events as well as virtual discussions, cookery lessons and chats with celebrities.   The sheer number and variety of events can be overwhelming. But no fear, here are IMIX’s top 9 picks that you shouldn’t miss.  

Famous UK refugees from footballers to pop stars

The UK is home to a glittering roster of famous people from refugee backgrounds including celebrities, Nobel scientists and sports stars. 

IMIX is looking for a new Media Director

We are looking for an experienced media director to support our high performing team to work across the migration space to find case studies, train spokespeople, craft messages /campaign material and talk to journalists.