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IMIX aims to improve public debate around immigration by ensuring the voices of those most affected are included in the narrative, whether it is individuals who have personally experienced the immigration system or the frontline charities that support them. By working with journalists from outlets such as ITV, BBC, The Mirror, The Guardian, The Metro, Reach and many local and national press organisations, we ensure that these stories reach the widest possible audience. IMIX regularly hosts off-the-record briefings which bring frontline staff, experts by experience and journalists together. We also make sure we stay in close contact with trusted journalists ensuring we are regularly updating them on emerging stories and providing them with relevant case studies. We support local and grassroots charities to place stories in the media, increasing their profile and providing opportunities for new and different voices to be heard publicly. 


IMIX’s media work ensures there is a better relationship between the migration and refugee sector, and the media. Through this we see that journalists are more informed and given access to good case studies. Media stories are produced with greater insight and understanding leading to better journalism and more accurate coverage of the issues. Coverage of refugee and migration related issues is humanised and more balanced which gives a wide range of audiences the opportunity to hear the human stories at the heart of media and political issues. This results in more compassion and understanding of people who migrate, the reasons why they do so and the situation they face in the UK.

Case Studies

‘IMIX has made it possible to cover stories in much more depth than we would be able to otherwise’  

IMIX has worked closely with local news outlets in the North East through our regional coordinator in…

The Windrush Scandal Exposed 

IMIX worked with JCWI, Runnymede Trust, RMC and Praxis Community Projects to work out how we could…

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